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Adam S. from Cortland, NY

“ Her extensive knowledge of health, nutrition,
and preventative medicine is astounding. Combined
with her state of the art equipment, I have no doubt
that Bonnie can help anyone who is experiencing
issues become properly informed and aware of why
they are occuring. She taught me many things I
never knew about my body, and gave me
the right steps and tools to help build a path
to a healthier life. ”

- Nutritional Counseling -

Daniel H. from Greenville, NY

“ After talking with Bonnie,
I learned how every day products
can have a negative affect on my health.
I am now more wary of possible metal and
chemical toxicities. She has helped me
overcome my apathy towards my own health
and gave me a new, healthier outlook on life! ”

- Heavy Metal Detox -

Eileen J. from North Carolina

“ By using a combination of modalities from
nutritional counseling and supplements to herbs
and remedies, this holistic approach gets to the
root of the problem to heal the cause and not just
mask the symptoms. I highly recommend this
extremely knowledgeable and caring person who,
in addition to all the above, always seems to find
the time to reassure, encourage, and support me in
this wonderful process of achieving optimal health. ”

- Chronic Lyme Protocol -

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