My services include
the following:

Nutritional Counseling

Why Organic?

Nutritional counseling becomes part of a bigger picture of restoring vitality.
So often we don’t know where our food comes from, how it is grown,
whether it is chemically processed or devitalized.

Exploring the way we eat and the source of our daily bread
offers new insight into why we feel depleted.

Bioenergetic Testing

Electro Dermal

Bioenergetic testing is conducted with assistance of a computerized
program, the Asyra. We begin the process by taking energetic readings.
Customized filters (frequencies) relating to specific issues
(chemical toxins, allergies, digestion, etc.) are output. If any filter creates a
disturbance to a system of the body, the negative response is then
registered by the client’s body through the Asyra.

Remedies useful for restoring homeostasis (balance) automatically load in
the system and are quickly scanned until the body identifies
the product/remedy that will remove the underlying disturbance,
allowing the client to obtain an improved level of health.

A full study of the effectiveness of the Asyra
can be viewed online @

Heavy Metal Detoxification

How Heavy Metals
Affect Health

Heavy metals are in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.
Many vaccinations contain thimerisol (mercury).

The body stores what it can’t eliminate.
Lead displaces calcium from the bones. Mercury enters
the brain, thyroid, liver and other organs.

Helping the body eliminate the heavy metal build-up is important
to regaining good health and vitality.

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Chronic Lyme Protocol

A very wise doctor once told me that a healthy host
will not suffer long with lyme disease.

Therefore, the goal is to eliminate the factors that lead to dis-ease,
strengthen the body’s immune system naturally so that
it can defend itself from foreign pathogens.

Such as those that contribute to “lyme disease.”

A variety of modalities may be necessary to accomplish this,
which are individually specific.

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Chronic Illness Management

Chronic illness is the way of “life” for the majority of people who don’t feel well.
Typically, this can be remedied if an individual is willing to
make some serious changes in habit and lifestyle.

When we don’t function at our highest self, we get
fatiqued easily, gain weight, feel depressed, etc.

By exploring a variety of lifestyle changes, clearing toxins from the body
and using quality herbs, homeopathics and supplementation,
chronic conditions often remedy themselves.

Giving the body what it needs to heal itself can be very effective!

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Weight Loss Program

Weight gain has many causes. It can simply be poor diet and lack of exercise.
However, it can also be hormonal imbalance or toxins.

When we start gaining weight, it is wise to find out the why before
obesity becomes a problem.

Toxins are stored in the fat so cleansing the body is always a good idea
when done properly and with some professional supervision.

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Cellular Detoxification

Cellular detoxification can be accomplished through the use of
combining homeopathic remedies, specific nutrients,
dietary changes (removing harmful, chemically-laden foods),
monitoring pH and colon cleansing.

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Colon Cleansing Program

A Healthy Colon
is a Healthy You!

The colon cleansing program helps the body eliminate,
rather than recycle toxic debris.

According to British researchers, symptoms of toxic build-up can be
related to fatigue, depression, gas, belching or bloating,
headaches, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, nausea
and abdominal discomfort, loss of memory, obesity, and
aches and pains in different areas of the body.

Gently cleansing the colon to remove toxic build up ensures
that this noxious material is not recirculated throughout the body.
Neglecting the colon is analogous to the entire garbage collecting staff
going on strike!

Health of the colon can help ensure a greater sense
of well-being and energy.

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is a quick assessment of the body’s main organ and gland
control points, offering a return to optimal health.

The body wants harmony and QRA along with an Asyra assessment
starts you on the path toward restoring health.

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Organic Food-Based Supplements

All supplements are not created equal. Very often, you are not
getting what you pay for when you purchase supplements
from a discount store.

A report from, November 9, 2010,
showed an analysis of 10 different forms of valerian root
and found that only 3 met label claims. They also looked for
heavy metals and found that 3 of the 10 products
had measurable amounts of lead.

Another consideration is whether chemical solvents are used
in the extraction process for herbal supplements.

We provide supplements of superior quality
where ingredients are free of heavy metals and chemical solvents.
It is imperative to start with non-GMO, toxin free
ingredients to obtain the best possible outcome.

Sometimes you have to pay a little more for something that works!

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